Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've finished the stuff for the Labyrinth swap and will be mailing the package off tomorrow. Which means that soon I can write about the specifics of what I made. And I get to post pictures! Yay. I'm so pleased with how the whole thing came out I can hardly stand it. It was so much fun to make stuff for Labyrinth. I actually had a list of about thirty possible items that would be neat to make. Paring it down to just a few was really hard. And I'm probably going to play with a few of the other possibilities eventually. I'm also thinking of making the big item again just to test out the notes I took. I used a variation of one part for another project and that bit was fairly reliable so I'm feeling kinda confident of the notes themselves (although my idiosyncratic way of working might make them quite difficult for anybody else to use), but I skipped documenting some of the steps and I'd like to fill that info in before I completely forget what I did.

The Studio Ghibli swap is still giving me fits on occasion but I restarted the big item and I am much happier with the progress I've made since then. I had been pushing myself to accept what I had made before and it was the wrong move. If I'm not happy with what I'm making the process becomes so miserable. I should have scrapped the first design well before I did. Wasted a lot of time. I did finish more neat things for this swap, well one is nearly finished, the painting is done it is just waiting on a sunny day so I can seal it. Lost several days to a driving trip and crochet in the car makes me nauseated so I got nothing accomplished. And I'm closing in on the mail out deadline but I think I'll be able to get everything done in time. Now that I've got a better design things should go more smoothly.

And I've just cursed myself with that bit of overconfidence haven't I?

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