Saturday, May 23, 2009

Notable lack of progress

Since I don't have anything interesting to report on the current project front (things continue they just aren't interesting) I thought I'd try writing about something a bit older.

My inspiration process tends to go something like this. !Interesting thought of some sort!-"I wonder if I could make that? Let's see"... And then I fool around till it works or I give up and go play with something else. Which tends to result in odd things because often for me the greater interest is figuring out if and how I can make something. Like a pear with teeth.

I've been a fan of Ursula Vernon for years, and her work often jump starts that "I wonder if I could?" feeling but I've refrained from making things based on her art because it feels a odd to play with someone's toys without their ok first. And I'm terribly shy about talking to people, so sending an email asking permission makes me want to hide in a hole for a week.

The only thing that has overcome that hesitation so far is insomnia. At one point I was getting an hour or two of sleep a night long enough for it to be unpleasant and unbelievably dull.
I was sitting around looking at the yarn stashed everywhere and I had an idea. Make the Biting Pear of Salamanca. And it was the kind of blinding flash that includes specific instructions and detailed schematics and I thought, "I have to make that right now".

And so the amigurumi biting pear was born.

I'm really glad I went ahead and I made him I learned a lot that has come in handy with later projects. But the best part has been the reactions people have had. And it's tremendous fun to see who recognizes it as the Biting Pear and who knows it as the LOL WUT Pear. I even dredged up the nerve shortly after it was done and wrote to Ms. Vernon and she was really lovely about it. If she had minded it never would have seen the light of day so I'm especially glad she liked it. An amazing artist and genuinely nice to boot.

The pear on the other hand can be rather rude. But perhaps manners for fruit are different than amongst humans.

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