Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cyclops Kitten

Originally uploaded by the loireag
Her name is Una.
One of the more recent projects. I've been wanting to make this for ages but have been waiting on ordering the eyes I needed. I finally got my act together and made an order from Eyes and More for a bunch of sizes in bulk. Aside from some small black eyes they are all clear so I can paint them to match the project they will be used for. So much more versatile and fun. It adds a tremendous amount of character to design the eyes to fit the creature. It's hard to tell from the pictures but the eye for the cat is two shades of red (one translucent and one more opaque) for a bit of texture with a layer of gold painted over the back you can just see the shine of the gold through some of the red. Definitely more fun than a plain red eye.

And just in case it matters to any one who reads this I was very happy with my order from Eyes and More. Quick, great prices and very good service. I'll definitely order from them again.


  1. I've been looking for an Eye Outlet. I will check out this Eyes and More. Thanks.

  2. You're welcome!
    The site is a little bit of a pain to order from but they really do seem to offer good customer service. And if there is any chance of using enough eyes to justify it, bulk is so much more cost effective. If you want links to some other safety eye sellers let me know, I'll list them too.